Sunday, February 7, 2010

What 100 Stars Want in 1956 - Richard Egan

Richard Egan (July 29, 1921 - July 20, 1987) was known as a serious actor who helped a lot of actors get their breaks. I have only seen one film Richard was in, Pollyanna, but he won the 1954 Golden Globe for Most Promising Newcomer. I hope it is from a 1953 film he was in and not the illustrious GOG: Frankenstein of Steel! (Which looks so totally cheestastic that I have to find a way to watch it).

Here are Richard's 1956 Wishes:

1. "Personally, I hope to vacation outside of Hollywood and California at least twice a year to get a fresh perspective on the world and on myself". - I think everyone could use a change of pace every once in a while.

2. "I think this could apply as an actor, too".

3. "As a citizen, I want to do my share to help build a good world in any way I can".

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