Thursday, February 18, 2010

What 100 Stars Want in 1956 - Jack Lemmon

I have a soft spot for Jack Lemmon. When he was filming the very funny Grumpy Old Men (1993), they filmed some of the scenes on my aunt's street, Hyacinth and Frank in Saint Paul, MN. Walter Matthau's character "lived" next door to her. While Lemmon and Matthau's characters were supposed to be neighbors in the film, the houses they used for the film were two houses apart. The house they used for Ann-Margaret was across the street. The white house Jack and Walter are in front of is my Aunt's house.

At the time, they did need extras, but they did not want any kids so I was out of luck. My aunt was used as an extra. She's the red-head at her house having a party when John (Jack Lemmon's character) has a heart attack outside on the way home from the bar.

Another cool thing - my aunt has the legendary duck shaped fishing pole from the film. There were really several made, but it's still cool.

What were Jack Lemmon's 1956 wishes?

"Personally, I'd like a greenhouse for my green thumb" - Cool! I wish I was good at gardening, but as those who were following me last summer and fall know, I am terrible at gardening.

"I'd like more pictures like It Happened One Night. Anyway you look at it, this past year has been very lucky for me. Professionally, I'd like my career to go along as well in 1956 as it has in 1955".

"As a citizen, I hope they find some sure way to fight cancer in 1956". - I wish they would now!


kallim said...

I love Jack Lemmon! Great post. That's awesome that your aunt was an extra in that movie!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

very cool post, and very exciting that it was outside your Aunts house.

Y'know, I really miss Jack and Walter. There's nothing like them.


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