Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How Well Do You Know Hollywood? - Question 11

According to Photoplay, July 1940

Two of these stars play leading roles in different picture series:

Betty Field

George Sanders

Penny Singleton

Joe Penner

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A said...

Penny Singleton and George Sanders

I think it's pretty safe to assume that the series Penny Singleton starred in was 'Blondie'. She starred in 28 'Blondie' films as the lovable, long suffering Blondie. The George Sanders series I believe they are referring to is 'The Saint' series where he played Simon Templar. He also appeared in 'The Falcon' series as Gay Lawrence, a role eventually given to his brother, Tom Conway as Gay Lawrence's brother named, of course, Tom.

The 'Blondie' films are not my thing. I'm surprised they are not on television. I've only seen one once. They were incredibly popular at the time. I mean, they made an astounding 28 films. Perhaps 'Blondie' doesn't age well.

On the other hand, I adore early detective mysteries. The 'Saint' and 'Falcon' films are great fun. They are slick, fun mysteries with a bit of humor and suave leading man. I watch them every time they are on television. Definitely worth the time.


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