Friday, September 25, 2009

Redhead Beauty Colors You Wear

Today is the last part of our 1930s Good Housekeeping seminar on Redheaded beauties. We will be focusing on clothes to wear in order to compliment your gorgeous hair color.

And now we come to a question of the utmost importance to you - the choice of costume colors. Most of us when we judge a color, think first, "What does it do to my skin?" You should say, "What does it do to my hair?": The dress you wear may either dim your halo or make it luminous and lovely.

Green is nearly always good - especially the soft woodsy greens. It is particularly flattering if your skin is fair. If you have lots of freckles or your skin is tanned, don't risk any bright green, but keep to dark, rich tones. Green may have a sallowing effect on the skin and is likely to emphasize freckles.

I adore green. It's my favorite color to wear. And I have no problem highlighting my freckles. I know it was seen as bad beauty in the 1930s, and still is by many today, but I have always loved my freckles. Probably because of the way I grew up. My Grandma Tudy used to call them Angel kisses, which is a much nicer way to think about freckles.

Blue in clear, vivid shades is a perfect color with many redheads and is generally becoming if the hair is light. But it has a tendency to cut down the individuality of many of you unless you stick to shades of green-blue-aquamarine, turquoise, and peacock shades. These make a glorious contrast to bronze hair. One redhead should not wear blue - the girl with a bright flaming topknot. It may made her hair appear garish, and it nearly always makes her seem more ordinary, but interesting, than she really is.

I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of blue. I don't think it looks great with my complexion. My hair is more auburn than bright red, but I just don't like how blue looks on me. For some reason my blue shirts always turn a sort of reddish in the laundry anyway so it is kind of a pain. I'd much rather wear green, yellow, or pink.

Ivory white, pale peach (but not pink), ecru, and beige are usually very becoming to all red-haired types. Black is good, too, if you are the vivid type of redhead, but don't wear it if it makes your eyes and skin look washed out.

Black and white wash me out a LOT, so I try to avoid wearing them. If I wear white in a picture (like I unfortunately had done in my student ID in college, I look like a ghost).

Brown, especially in warm russet shades, makes a lovely harmony with red hair. Bronze, copper, carnelian, and autumn-leaf shades of just the right intensity bring out the lovely lights.

I actually like to wear dark browns. It looks pretty good on me. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't like it, so I usually try not to wear it too much.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Redheads Lipstick Harmony

Lipstick is a huge part of any girl's wardrobe. Gook Housekeeping's Beauty Clinic from the 1930s has plenty of advice for use Redheads about the proper use of lipstick:

Remember your bright hair dominates your personality. It's your keynote. Play up to it and take advantage of every ounce of glory it can give you. You know that if you put orange zinnias and pink roses in the same vase, the effect is terrible. In the same way a rosy-pink lipstick would clash with your hair. Always choose one on the orange side. If your topknot would clash with your hair. Always choose one on the orange side. If your topknot is flaming red, the orange note in your lips can be pronounced, but it your hair is sandy red or a soft russet, the color must be soft geranium red. There is a wide variety of shades you should investigate - brownish-red, rust, nasturtium, and brownish-red. One of them may be just what you need to complete the picture.

My mom (a redhead in her own right), has always used an orangish lipstick. I always wondered why, because I don't usually see orangish lipstick on that many people. Apparently, she was right as usual :)

I have never been able to get blush right. I blush so easy naturally, so it always seems useless to use it, but sometimes it is necessary. Here is Ruth Murrin's 1930;s advice:

There is one exception to the rule that redheads should use rouge and lipstick of an orange-red tone - the girl with fair skin and dark mahogany red hair. A raspberry or even darker lipstick may be charming for her,

Should you use cheek rouge? No, if your hair is a bright, strong color. Yes, if your coloring is pale and your hair is a light, sundry shade.

Cream or light facial powder is the choice of most fair redheads, but there are types of olive complexions or countless freckles who look better with a beige or punky-ocher powder. Nobody can advise you specifically about this. Try different shades and find the most becoming one.

As someone with auburn, reddish hair, I have found that cosmetics are basically hit and miss. There is a lot of trial and error involved. You think you find the perfect cosmetics, get it home, try, it out, and its terrible and you feel like your wasted a bunch of money.

You may have scanty lashes and colorless eyebrows. Lots of redheads do. But you need not worry. A little practice with a brow pencil , black or brown mascara, and brown or green eyeshadow and your eyes will not be overwhelmed by the brilliance of your hair.

Unfortunately this info doesn't work for me. Eye makeup just irritates me to much. I have pretty decent brows, so I groom them. I read somewhere to use a bit of Vaseline to bring out your eyes and eyebrows by putting a small amount of it on the eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids, etc. Seems to be doing the trick so far.!

If you like the deep tones of nail polish, there are many good shades from which to choose. Rust, suntan, ten rose, cherry and all the soft orange-red shades are good possibilities for you.

Again, I am totally boring. I usually only where a clean layer. Boring! I do occasionally wear red, but it gets chipped so easily because all the lifting I do at the library, that the manicure is ruined by the time I get home.

Tomorrow's Last Red Headed Lesson - The Colors You Wear

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Red Head Beauty Skin Care

Ruth Murin, who wrote a monthly beauty column in Good Housekeeping, addresses Redheaded beauties this month. She acknowledges, that most of the time us poor redheads are ignored in favor of blonds and brunettes, so Murrin attempts to remedy this.

Because Redhead's skin is so fair, it "coarsens readily, wrinkles early, and freckles with maddening ease". A Redhead's skin needs at least one good cleaning a day with soap and water to keep it fresh and clear. Use a Bland cream at other times or even an Oatmeal mask that is neutral for sensitive skin. Use a great lubricating cream and night and be sure to protect your face from sun, wind, and cold weather.

No sunbathing! "You must shield your face and cover up your back and arms if you want to save them from permanent freckles." Be sure to protect your skin at all costs in order to maintain as ideal skin as possible.

"Whether your hair is red-gold, sand, brick, copper, or carrot, it is important for you to see red - really see it and recognize it as orange or a true red or one with a note of blue. If you don't know the difference between geranium and rose, vermilion and carmine, you probably will go haywire when you choose your lipstick and clothes."

Tomorrow's Lesson - Lipstick and Makeup for Redheads

Weird Wednesday Kiddie Koop

I found this fun little invention for child protection called the Kiddie Koop. It is basically the same concept as a chicken coop, or a playpen on stilts that is completely enclosed.

The Kiddie Koop was patented in Nov 25, 1913 by Edward Maurice Trimble of Rochester, New York. It is basically supposed to be a combination Crib and Play Pen.

According to the Patent Application, the crib could be lowered to the floor and the top removed so the baby could play.

To be used as a crib, the legs can be raised and covered so it can be an enclosed crib.

Sounds really interesting, because it could be folded up like a carrying crib of today.

Wonder why it fell out of style. All I can think of is that not many kids wanted to feel like a chicken in a cage.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Too Sleepy

Sorry again dears, but I'm just way too sleepy to come up with a clever post. Wiped out from a tough day at work. When my days last until 9 PM, it's hard to think by the time I get home. Looking forward to a good night's sleep, hopefully. Since I've got an early day tomorrow, should have more time to put up a Hollywood post. Best wishes all and Good Night!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cleaning Day

Spent the whole day cleaning today. Very tired. Will have bigger post tomorrow.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Matinee Mickey and Minnie Picnic 1930

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be on a Picnic today with your special someone? Here in Minnesota, it's in the Sunny 70s and gorgeous. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at work so I have to live vicariously through Mickey and Minnie in this 1930 cartoon.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fashion Friday Neiman Marcus Show 1945

I have always fashion shows intriguing. This fashion show took place in 1945 and highlights clothes from Neiman Marcus.

The fashion is totally wearable and stunning. I want this dress!

Everything from everyday wear, formal wear, and of course outerwear was highlighted. I know it is totally non-pc, but I adore these furs. Stunning!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Drefting Away

Feeling a bit under the weather today. Another rough day at work, so I decided to take a bit of a tub.

A trick my mom taught me for dry skin, is a bath in Dreft laundry detergent. It really works! Not only does it reduce the itch for those of us with dry skin, but it creates tons of wonderful bubbles! As a child, I had many a Dreft bath due to Chicken Pox or because of the poison ivy I would often get from picking raspberries off my Grandmother's raspberry bush. Why were the tastiest ones always stuck in the poison ivy?

Dreft was the first commercial laundry detergent, created in 1933 by Procter and Gamble.

Unfortunately it cleans only light stains, so Procter and Gamble tried many different ways to market the wonderful product.

Today it is marketed as a laundry detergent for baby clothes. I bet they never thought of it as a dry skin aid!

Check out this vintage Dreft Laundry Ad. Around the time this commercial was made (1947), Dreft only cost less than a quarter!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weird Wednesday Dog Show

Dog Shows bring out the Dog lover in all of us, and some disturbing characteristics if the film Best in Show is to be believed (Hilarious movie by the way). I happen to love watching Dog Shows, so I'm not ragging on them. The pups are just so cute!

This fun Dog Show is from 1946. Several society ladies showed off their own personal pets.

Not only that, but the animals were dressed up in costume

Don't know what's going on with this poor pup

Dachshunds in sweaters are timeless

And who doesn't love a pup in a bonnet?

Well, here is why this Dog Show was featured for Weird Wednesday. This "Birthday Cake" was presented at the dog show. Totally do not want to know what is in it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vintage Inspiration September 15th Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Temps out in MN are roasty. The sun was shining. There was a wonderful breeze. Thought summer was done. Could really use a nice frost so my hay fever would settle down.

I also wish I could have enjoyed the nice weather instead of being stuck at work until 9 PM. No rest for the wicked, I guess. The lovely Esther Williams sure knew how to enjoy a gorgeous day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Vintage Inspiration Grow your Own for Victory!

Feeling patriotic today, so I went with my favorite Victory Garden poster, courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society. I have tried this year to grow produce, trying to do my part and save a little money. Unfortunately all I seem to be able to grow is hot peppers. Maybe I'll have learn to make lots of salsa or something . . .

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vintage Inspiration September 10th Miss Minnesota 1938 Avis Claire Darrow

Feeling a little pageanty today

These fun images are of Miss Minnesota 1938, Avis Claire Darrow

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything about sweet Avis except she was from Duluth. Hopefully one day I'll get lucky and find something.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weird Wednesday Hair Torture

As a sufferer of stick straight hair, I can understand the desire for luscious curls. For me it takes wet hair, tons of product, and it still doesn't work just quite right. However much I might desire curly locks, I'm not sure I could have gone to this length to gain those curls. The above pic, courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society, shows a little girl from 1938. I have no idea how she sat still for this procedure.

This pic shows our Vintage Inspiration from yesterday, Joan Blondell, enjoying her permanent. These permanents were done by sectioning hair into about 20+ sections and winding hair starting at the root, and winding it up the curler. Heat was applied and thus the curls. Staring in the 1930s, chemicals were used to seal the curl, gradually discontinuing these fun devices. I'm not sure what's worse for your hair - tons of heat or harsh chemicals . . .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vintage Inspiration September 8th Joan Blondell

Caught Joan Blondell in a bunch of films on TCM this morning. She seems like such a sweetie, and has such a fun persona.
Some Joan Blondell Trivia:
  • Real name was Rose Joan Blondell
  • She was 5'3" tall, and her measurements were 37-21 1/2-36
  • Mike Todd, her third husband, went through all Joan's savings and then left her for Elizabeth Taylor. What a cad!
  • She has 208 credits to her name, with a career spanning from 1930 to 1981. Amazing!
  • Some of her more famous films include: Grease, Nightmare Alley, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Gold Diggers of 1937, Footlight Parade, Gold Diggers of 1933, and Topper Returns

Vintage Inspiration September 7


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