Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What 100 Stars Want in 1956 - Joel McCrea

Joel McCrea (November 5, 1905 - October 20, 1990) is probably best remembered for his roles in westerns, as well as for the films Sullivan's Travels and Foreign Correspondent. I also love him in the Old Time Radio show Tales of the Texas Rangers. He made a fabulous Texas Ranger. What did Joel wish for in 1956?

"Personally, I want continued good health for my wife and our three boys." - Joel was married to Frances Dee from October 20, 1933 until his death - An astounding 57 years!

"Professionally, I'd like a few years more in pictures and more solid western roles such as my role in The First Texan" - I don't think I've seen Joel in any of his western roles. I might have to check one out.

"As a citizen, I'd like to see a world in which no one need go hungry."

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