Thursday, February 4, 2010

What 100 Want in 1956 - Julie Adams and Ray Danton

Julie Adams (born October 17, 1936) and Ray Danton (September 19, 1931 - February 11, 1992) were a Hollywood beauty couple. Ray was known as being a beefcake hunk in the 1950s and Julie has done tons of TV (most recently on the show Lost), but is best known as the female lead in the B classic Creature From the Black Lagoon. Julie and Ray were married from 1955 to 1978 and had 2 children. Some Julie Adams trivia: Universal publicity in the '50s claimed that her legs won an award as "the most perfectly symmetrical in the world" and that they were insured for $125,000.

Julie and Ray's 1956 wishes:

1. "Personally, we hope to have a home of our own in 1956. We're renting now, but we can hardly wait to really get settled". - I totally agree. Having your own house is the best thing ever. I've had my little house about 2 years.

2. Ray plays Susan Hayward's husband in "I'll Cry Tomorrow," one of the most dramatic roles of the year. I know he'll want to follow this picture with something of equal substance. I had fun making "The Private War of Major Benson," which is sort of straight comedy - and, professionally, I'll like another picture like that.

3. As citizens, we want peace. Who doesn't?

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