Friday, February 19, 2010

What 100 Stars Want in 1956 - Frank Lovejoy

Frank Lovejoy (March 28, 1912 - October 2, 1962) is one of my favorite radio actors. I love him on Nightbeat. He also appeared in some fun films: House of Wax, The Hitchhiker, and of course the classic In a Lonely Place. What did Frank wish for in 1956?

"Personally, I would like to inherit the will power to turn down a few jobs so I could spend more time with my wonderful wife and our two children." - Hopefully minus the scary clown.

"Professionally, I'd like to play in a few more Air Force films like Strategic Air Command because these films being about a much better understanding of what a tough road the Air Force boys have, and how important their jobs are to our everyday way of life." - Very cool.

"As a citizen, I'd like to see the Little League craze expand even more. This not only keeps the kids off the street, but also the parents." - And as we all know, the parents need to be kept off the street - those troublemakers :)

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Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I'm continuing to throughly enjoy your "What 100 1956"! So much interesting information about so many actors in their heyday! Lovin' it!


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