Thursday, February 11, 2010

What 100 Stars Want in 1956 - William Holden

I absolutely adore William Holden (April 17, 1918 - November 16, 1981). He is one of my all time favorite actors. What would Sunset Boulevard be without Holden as Joe Gillis?

Some William Holden Trivia

  • Was the best man at Ronald Reagan's and Nancy Davis' wedding in 1952

  • A hygiene fanatic, he reportedly showered up to four times daily.

  • When he won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in Stalag 17 (1953), he accepted it, simply stated, "Thank you" and walked off the stage. - If only more people to take the hint these days so we could stop hearing them yell over the music. Makes the awards extremely uncomfortable

  • Was an avid art collector

  • Was the top box office draw of 1956

So on that note, let's find out what William Holden's 1956 wishes were:

"Personally, I'd like more time to collect art objects for my home."

"Professionally, I'd like the same diversification of roles that I've been getting, parts you can get your teeth into such as my part in The Proud and the Profane"

"As a local citizen, I hope the various projects I've been working on will be successful. I'm a member of the Bureau of Parks and Recreations and I'd like to have apart in the beautification of southern California. As a world citizen, I want to travel more, gain greater knowledge of others."

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