Sunday, November 16, 2014

Doris Dudley has a Party

Doris Dudley and June Havoc

Doris Dudley's Halloween Party in 1940 looks like a wonderfully fun time.  Doris Dudley (7 July 1917 - 14 August 1985) was a socialite turned Broadway, then screen, actress.  The daughter of drama critic for the New York Evening World and WOR Radio Bide Dudley, Doris is known more for antics than acting.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cecil's City

     Hollywood gets a lot of well-deserved criticism for destroying it's heritage.  I understand their need for "new and better", but I feel the best they have is mostly in the past.  So imagine my delight when I read about a recently unearthed Hollywood treasure.  It's no secret I love Cecil B. DeMille, for his films and radio work.  One of his great accomplishments is the film The Ten Commandments (1923).  From the silent version (not the Charlton Heston epic), scientists have unearthed a giant sphinx.  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Warner Archive Wednesday - The Swan Swag

You may bid on the lovely dress Grace Kelly wore in The Swan from Profiles in History.  I would love to be able to own a bit of film history like this - but alas, when one can't afford food and heat, Grace Kelly dresses surely aren't in my budget.  Starting at an astounding $20,000 opening bid (I assume it's the Grace Kelly factor), there is no way I can see this treasure.  As you may remember, I reviewed The Swan a few months ago.  While I found the film quite frustrating, the costumes were glorious.  So if you have a nest egg to spare, the bidding is at 11:00 am October 18, 2014.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Links of the Week - Makeup and Madness

Empire has an amazing post with the photographs and stories of iconic movie makeup.  The stories corresponding these amazing photographs are almost impossible to believe.  It makes me have much more respect for the pioneers of the field - especially the amazing Jack Pierce.  He created so many of the iconic movie monsters such as the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster.  I couldn't take my eyes off these photographs.  They were amazing!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fashion Friday - Dracula

Not many people think about the fashion involved in horror films.  I personally think the fashion is an integral part of these gems.  They set the mood for the wonderful scenes in the film.  Who doesn't look at the suave Bela Lugosi and think Dracula?  There is conflicting information about who created the iconic look, but Bela Lugosi is largely credited with popularizing the tuxedo and cape look.  While actor Raymond Huntley apparently was the first to use this look in the 1924 London stage adaptation, not many people know it [1].

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fashion Friday - Lucky Lucy

Elois Jenssen black and pink gown costume sketch for Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy (Desilu, 1951-1957)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Creepy Short - Time Out for Trouble (1961)

Shorts are one of my favorite types of film.  They can provide a great musical or dance number, be funny like a Joe McDoakes short, or teach us things.  But in the guise of teaching us, sometimes films can be just darn creepy.  This is a perfect example of an informative film gone horribly creepy.  The premise of the film is to teach us how to be calm and not hurt ourselves through the carelessness that comes from anger or distraction.  While actually having a good lesson and good tips to alleviate these problems, all I could think about was that our clocks are possessed and secretly are plotting our death.

Warner Archive Wednesday - The Swan (1956)

The Swan (1956) [1]
The Swan (1956) - Grace Kelly (Princess Alexandra), Alec Guinness (Prince Albert), Louis Jourdan (Dr. Nicholas Agi), Agnes Moorehead (Queen Maria Dominika), Jessie Royce Landis (Princess Beatrix), Brian Aherne (Father Carl Hyacinth), Leo G. Carroll (Caesar), Estelle Winwood (Symphorosa), Van Dyke Parks (George), Christopher Cook (Arsene).  Directed by Charles Vidor. Studio - MGM.

Fun Fact: This film was released the same day Grace Kelly became a real princess - April 18, 1956, the day she married Prince Ranier of Monoco [2].

Fun Fact: Many thought this would be Grace Kelly's "swan song".  She would star in only 1 film after this, High Society, released July 17, 1956 [3].

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Awesome Ebay - Inscribed Photo Circa 1936

1936 Ebay Item
There are a lot of cool items for sale on Ebay, and this is definitely one of them.  It looks like it was from a fun event and has signatures from many people I adore.  The hefty price tag of $9,999.00 clearly makes it a clear impossibility for purchase.  I can't even afford my groceries or to fix my car, so this definitely is not going to be in my collection.  But it's just so cool, I had to feature it.  The item is from the collection of Saul Goodman (1919-2003), apparently a businessman who loved getting cool photographs and having celebrities sign them.  Because of the rarity of the photographs and rarity of some of the autographs, the prices for items from his collection are insanely expensive.  This is clearly not an exception.  But it is exceptional.


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