Saturday, January 30, 2016

Pulp Fiction - Hospital Doctor by Edward Young (1957)

      I'm usually a little reticent to read medical novels or watch medical television shows because of all the medical drama I've had myself.  Bad thoughts abound usually, but I decided to give one of my pulp novels a try,  Hospital Doctor by Edward Young, published in 1952.   Medical novels and romances were all the rage at the time this book was published.  While they may not be bestsellers today, the medically based television shows are still a TV staple.  And surprisingly, I do enjoy The Knick and Ripper Street, which often have medical scenes, but the others are too much for me.  Maybe the historical context helps diminish the trauma.  Or maybe it's because of the lack of all the medical device beeping which seems to amplify anxiety.

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Nightmares

This year has been rough.  I always feel like I apologize for lack of posting, but as usual, I haven't been.  No wonder the follower number has been dropping like crazy.  So, how can I sum up my year and plan for the next?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sorry for lack of recent posts

Cat in Bed from 1915 -
Apparently, cat pictures have always been a thing
Been quite ill, busy, worn out, and frankly, lacking time and ideas for the blog lately.  I'm not even sure what you all would like me to talk about.  When I look at the statistics, people are viewing posts from 5 years ago - mostly about the Kiddie Koop, Favorite Foods of Famous Stars, and the advice and gossip from one of the first Hollywood diet gurus, Madame Sylvia from her book, Hollywood Undressed.  

Friday, June 12, 2015

DeMille's Debris

I have been obsessed with reading about the amazing Sphinx set piece that has been found and reassembled in a California desert.  The sphinx was rediscovered after being buried for decades.  It was rediscovered and is currently being reassembled with Elmer's Glue no less, and will be on display at the Guadalupe Dunes Center.  I am totally intrigued.  It's definitely another thing to add to my bucket list!  Who knew there was such an important Hollywood set hidden?  Who knows what else could be found out there?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Matinee Monday - Village of the Giants (1965)

Check out those giant . . um . . . teenagers
The other night TCM had a cheesefest-athon of  the films of Bert I Gordon.  He apparently was quite good at making cheesy films about mutating things that grow to become huge.  This addition to his film pantheon seems to be a mix between a 1960's surfer movie and a vehicle for the Ron Howard.  It's almost like the Howards had something against someone at the studio and they were like "Let's make a film starring Ron Howard so they stop blackmailing us - I don't care what it is, just throw in almost naked teens with slow motion gyrations segments, dancing, musical groups, Flubber, little Ronny Howard, Toni Basil with some choreography and strange orange wig, and for some reason Beau Bridges.  


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