Sunday, January 10, 2010

Silly Sunday - Donald's Ostrich

A fun little poem from a 1930s issue of Good Housekeeping. I have to admit I have a weakness for Donald Duck

The baggagemaster, Donald Duck
Asks Mickey Mouse to see
An ostrich that is marked "Express"
And "Handle Carefully".

They find a book which recommends
Birdseed and fruit and berries,
But ostriches are not discussed -
Just parrots and canaries.
They bring him birdseed, cake and pie
And such things till they're weak
But at them all the ostrich just
Turns up his nose - or beak!
They do not know, with ostriches,
Much simpler food would do
Some old tin cans, a yard of cloth,
Perhaps a nice young shoe!
If Donald Duck had known these things,
Which he did not, poor chap.
He might have kept his temper, and
He would have kept his cap!

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