Friday, June 12, 2015

DeMille's Debris

I have been obsessed with reading about the amazing Sphinx set piece that has been found and reassembled in a California desert.  The sphinx was rediscovered after being buried for decades.  It was rediscovered and is currently being reassembled with Elmer's Glue no less, and will be on display at the Guadalupe Dunes Center.  I am totally intrigued.  It's definitely another thing to add to my bucket list!  Who knew there was such an important Hollywood set hidden?  Who knows what else could be found out there?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Matinee Monday - Village of the Giants (1965)

Check out those giant . . um . . . teenagers
The other night TCM had a cheesefest-athon of  the films of Bert I Gordon.  He apparently was quite good at making cheesy films about mutating things that grow to become huge.  This addition to his film pantheon seems to be a mix between a 1960's surfer movie and a vehicle for the Ron Howard.  It's almost like the Howards had something against someone at the studio and they were like "Let's make a film starring Ron Howard so they stop blackmailing us - I don't care what it is, just throw in almost naked teens with slow motion gyrations segments, dancing, musical groups, Flubber, little Ronny Howard, Toni Basil with some choreography and strange orange wig, and for some reason Beau Bridges.  

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fashion Friday - Loving Lucy

For Fashion Friday, I thought I'd put up the remaining sketches for I Love Lucy I have saved.  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cinema Saturday - The First Year (1932)

1932 Ad from a mystery magazine
     This ad was in a mystery cut up group of magazines I purchased a few years ago.  I'm not sure exactly what magazine they are since none of the remaining pages have the title of the magazine nor the date.  The magazines are full of torn out pages and cut out pictures.  At some point someone was trying to create scrapbooks or more than likely it was a recent person trying to make a buck by selling certain cut out images and ads.  Naturally, the probably beautiful covers as well as the table of contents are missing, so I really have no idea as to the actual magazines themselves.  Naturally, they do present some clues.  This ad provides a big clue to the year of this magazine.  The First Year was released 31 July 1932 so I've some to the conclusion that this issue is probably from 1932 and more than likely close to the release date such as June or July.  I also noticed that much of the magazines look quite similar to the features and look of Film Fun magazine or one of the similar magazines published by the same company.  Film Fun really is a fun look into the early film community.  Plus they had amazing cover art, specifically the amazing girl art of Enoch Bolles.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fashion Friday - Lucy's Looks

Elois Jenssen thumbnail costume sketches for Lucille Ball 
as “Lucy” in I Love Lucy. (Desilu, 1951-1957)


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