Monday, April 29, 2013

Paintings of the Stars - Henry Fonda

Henry Fonda; 1963

I found a half article about Henry Fonda and his painting.  He began experimenting with pastels while filming Mister Roberts.  Self-taught, he found his own techniques such as working from the left-top corner down, so that the drawing is not smudged.  His favorite painting technique, according to this source, is drybrush.

Henry Fonda; 1963
His technique is simple, a slight pencil sketch which he erases as he goes, and then he digs right in and paints.  Several of Henry Fonda's paintings (or copies of them at least) are around.  Fonda lists his major painting influences as William Harnett, Andrew Wyeth, and Dutch realist painters.
[Source:  Henry Fonda: a Bio-Bibliography; Greenwood Publishing; 1992; p 54]

Christina's World; Andrew Wyeth; 1948

I think Fonda made quite a lovely picture.  I haven't been able to find out where the particular painting from this Life photograph session ended up, but I'd be curious to know.  If anyone has the answer, please be sure to share it.

A Study Table; William Hemett; 1882

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paintings of the Stars - Part 1

Beatrice Lillie; 1963

Life Magazine did a series on paintings done by celebrities in 1963.  I find it interesting to see what artists do in art fields other than their own.  Well, it turns out that several actors and actresses were wonderful painters as well.  Beatrice Lillie was an actress I would have loved to see.  While known for her wonderful stage work, she made some films as well.

Beatrice Lillie; 1963

One of the stories about her I find most striking is from World War II.  Lillie entertained the troops quite frequently.  One day, she found out her son had been killed in action and refused to cancel her performance. Her quote:  "I'll cry tomorrow" (Source).  Beatrice Lillie sounds like an amazing woman I would loved to have met.  Her strength, generosity, and talent are worth remembering.

As to these paintings, I'm not sure what happened to these particular ones, but several of her paintings are stored at the New York Public Library

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Movie Review Monday: Macabre (1958)

Macabre (1958)

I love vintage scary movies!  I can't stand scary movies made today since I have yet to see one that is about the story, as opposed to a gross back story and the most disgusting ways in which to kill people.  I much prefer the likes of Val Lewton and William Castle.  So after watching a fascinating film about William Castle, I was excited to see Macabre was on after it.

Macabre (Source)

After the film began, I realized that I had seen part of it before and realized why I did not remember the end. The premise was quite disturbing to me, and I am sure I turned it off the previous time I had viewed it.  Well, this time I sat through the entire thing.

Macabre (Source)

The premise is basically this:  A doctor's child has been kidnapped and buried alive and he has only a few hours before she suffocates.  It is so difficult for me to watch things involving children in pain since I spent my childhood dealing with physical pain (my disabilities) and to see the suffering of the innocent is just sad.  My anxiety was at a 10+ the whole time.  I was able to appreciate the film after I knew the ending (I won't spoil it for you).  

Macabre (Source)

The actors in the film were wonderful.  They played it just right.  The doctor, played by William Price, was perfect in the role.  He played to role seriously, so the film was suspenseful, as opposed to really cheesy, like it could have been from the gimmicks Castle employed like offering life insurance to anyone dying of fright while viewing the film.  I also was thrilled to see one of my favorite actors, Jim Backus, as the police chief.  I'm willing to see anything with him in it.

One of my favorite parts of the film was actually the ending credits.  It's macabre, in a good way.  It's so fun, and definitely summarizes the film if you missed anything.  I would definitely say "see it", but know the premise definitely is anxiety inducing.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

American Duchess Giveaway

I'm super excited about the giveaway on American Duchess.  You may win a pair of these super cute Highbury shoes.  I adore the American Duchess.  I just wish I could afford all of her fabulous reproduction shoes!  One of these days . . . 

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