Sunday, November 27, 2011

1940s Living and Dining Room Necessities

1940s Living Room Necessities

1 divan, sofa, or love seat
2 upholstered chairs - at least one of them should be "man-of-the-house" style
3 tables - 1 coffee, the others lamp or end tables
1 rug or rugs
1 radio
1 mirror
1 desk
1 desk chair

*Aside from the radio, lamps, and chairs I think I'm set.  Minus the plants, of course.  Plants and I just just don't get along.

1940s Wherever You Eat Necessities

1 table - drop-leaf, pie-crust, bridge, or other
4 chairs

Table Linen
2 bridge sets with napkins
4 place mat sets with napkins - have at least 1 cork or plastic set
2 breakfast cloths with napkins
1 lace runner or doily set with napkins to harmonize
1 dinner cloth with 8 napkins
1 table pad

5 or 9 butter plates
5 or 9 dinner plates
5 or 9 salad plates
5 or 9 cereal dishes - use also for fruit
5 or 9 cups and saucers - more if you like bit parties
1 platter - round or medium oval
1 salad bowl
1 teapot and/or coffeepot
1 creamer and sugar
2 pair salt and peppers - unless you have a silver one

* I've virtually nothing in these categories - except for everyday stuff.  When it's just the two of us, it's hard to think about serving dishes and proper China.

Glassware Section of Hardware Store - 1943

5 or 9 tumblers
5 or 9 highball glasses - use for iced beverages too
5 or 9 cocktail glasses - use for juices too
5 or 9 sherbet glasses

4 or 8 cream soup spoons
4 or 8 teaspoons - more are always handy
4 or 8 luncheon or dinner forks
4 or 8 luncheon or dinner knives
4 or 8 salad forks
4 or 8 butter spreaders
6 serving pieces
1 steak set
1 carving set
2 candle sticks - unless you have glass or china ones

*Just everyday stuff in these categories, too.  My glassware is good.  It's funny, but that was what we received most as a wedding gift.  The only trouble is that we never entertain and have maybe 1 drink per month. I'm not sure why everyone thought we were booze-hounds. 

[Source:  Making Housekeeping Easy; Dorothy Lois Abel;  Funk and Wagnalls Company; New York; 1948]


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