Monday, October 12, 2009

If you are a brunette - Makeup tips Part 2

By far the largest number of brunettes have warm coloring. Their skin tone ranges from light olive to a deep tan.

They look best when they use dark rachel, beige, ocher, or tan powder as dark as their complexions. Lighter powder makes this type of skin look muddy.

A yellowish cast can be avoided by choosing shades livened with red. Lipstick and rouge should be orange-red, the intensity of tone depending on the vividness of the individual.

Many women of this type look best without rouge. Mascara should be black or brown and eye shadow green, gray, or brown.


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

As forever, fun and interesting beauty and beauty tips! Continuing to love your blog!

When a girlfriend and I were teens and bored one summer vacation, we decided to dye our hair. I chose a red Henna rinse and she choose a Black rinse. We laughed throughout the entire process and ended up with bright red hair and jet black hair (both of us had light complexions and light brown hair naturally). My mom was always okay with things like that but my friend's visiting aunt was more than a bit upset. But, it's a great memory...thanks for stirring my memories today!

Tom said...

Who is that in the first photo? Stunning!!

A said...

The lovely first girl is Carmen Miranda. I love that photo because it looks totally different from how we usually see her.

Tom said...

Wow. I didn't recognize her. Thank you!


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