Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Beauty Plan

The New Year is the perfect time to see how you are coming in your Beauty Plan, according to our resident expert Ruth Murrin from Good Housekeeping. Objectively you should evaluate yourself and see how you are coming along. I did just that. Murrin's steps were:

Know exactly how you look now. Use mirrors, lights, and snapshots to do this

I think I know. Snapshots are very telling.

Determine your best points and how to show them off

Hmmm . . . I have gotten compliments on my hair and legs, so I would have to go with those. I particularly love my hair color (auburn which unfortunately is starting to go white).

Acknowledge your worst points and figure out how to correct them.

Too many. Where to begin? Basically everything except my hair color.

Know your ideal and try to figure out how to get there

My ideal is the lovely Rita Hayworth, of course! But how does one become a Love Goddess?

Some things to correct, according to Ruth:
Overweight or distressing thinness
Flat chest
Thick waist and diaphragm
Bad carriage
Careless grooming
Frizzy, lifeless hair
Stringy, oily hair
Stiff waves
Too-short cut
Muddy complexion
Hard make-up
No make-up
Shaggy eyebrows
Colorless lashes
Pasty powder
Smeared lipstick
Downward lines on an older face
Rough hands
Unkempt nails
No polish
Wrong tone of polish
I could definitely work on all of these, but the no make-up one is probably my worst fault on the list. Here's to new beginnings!


Anonymous said...

Ritas my ideal also, i've got the hair colour and style if nothing else

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I will own up to rough hands. My hands are as dry as a crocodiles! Rita looks so beautiful in those pictures! Happy New Year to you. xx

BaronessVonVintage said...

haha "careless grooming" sort of relates to me! Happy New Year!

Lidian said...

Ruth, have you been snooping around my house lately? lol

Unknown said...

Rita Hayworth was the complete epitome of beauty and grace - from her hair to her fingertips to her heart-shaped mouth, and of course when she danced she transcended just her looks and became a goddess of song and dance. She's a good one to look up too. She was also humble and down to earth.


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