Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weird Wednesday: Vibrating Curling Iron

Popular Science, 1940

Looks complicated, but I wonder if it really worked? Can't say I'd be at ease in that situation. And how much vibration are we talking about? Was it jarring, or more like an electric toothbrush? I have to say the woman testing out this vibrating curling iron does not look like she is comfortable.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sylvia's Diet Lore 2 - Vegetables and Butter

More Diet Lore According to Madame Sylvia
  • Should be boiled or steamed in only as much water as will prevent burning and should be cooked no longer then is necessary to make them palatable.
  • The better parts of vegetables being absorbed in the cooking waters, preserve all these for making the pure vegetable broths and soups you should habitually eat.
  • Harmless in small quantities if never cooked. Therefore, butter should always be added to hot dishes with which it is served; yet before they go to the table.
  • Sweet butter is best and can always be obtained in Jewish store.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sylvia's Diet Lore 1 - Meat and Fish

Thought I'd return to a popular topic from a few years ago, Madame Sylvia of Hollywood and her tips. So here is day 1 of Sylvia's Diet Lore: Meat
  • Pay no attention to meatless diet fads
  • Broil or roast the leaner meats in such a way as to eliminate the fats, first by cutting away the visible excess fat before cooking and, second, by taking the measures I have described for eliminating contact between meat and their drippings.
  • Do not boil meats. However you may eat cold-boiled ham as often as you wish.


  • Incontiadistinction to meats, fish should be boiled. Only the lean varieties should be used. No idea what this means. I assume it refers to indigestion or kidney problems or something like that. I couldn't even find a definition for it.


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