Least Favorite Actors

I've put off making a least favorite actors list because like my least favorite actresses list, most of these people are beloved.  Sorry, but these guys just don't do it for me.

Montgomery Clift; 11 November 1948

James Dean; 1956

Henry Fonda; 1963

Rex Harrison

Leslie Howard; 1940

Paul Muni

Peter Sellers

Spencer Tracy; 1955

95% of modern actors


Unknown said...

James Dean??? Eternally handsome. Henry Fonda???May be your anger for his daughter overflowed onto him. Peter Seller ??? The father of film comedy. You sure're kidding me, right?

A said...

James Dean just doesn't do it for me - I understand his work, but it's not my thing right now. Ten years ago, I had a different opinion. It's completely possible he may come off the list in the future.

I find Fonda boring with no "fire in his belly". I understand the appeal, but every time I see him on screen I fell like he needs to be slapped awake or something. I feel he needs more vitality.

And Peter Sellers is just too much. While decent in Dr. Strangelove, I found him just unbearable in Lolita. The over-the-top nature of his work just seems cartoonish and just too unrealistic.

Sellers and Fonda are polar opposites to me - Fonda, wooden not alive; Sellers, over-the-top and hammy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I must completely disagree with your dislike of Leslie Howard. He's such an amazing actor who was genuinely passionate about the film industry and had a very understated, modest but honest style of acting. Never understood why people only focused on Gable's performance in Gone With The Wind. Howard was absolutely marvelous! But of course, everyone's entitled to their own opinion I suppose.

The Doggist said...

I just logged in to say...your list could be MY list. I'll never forget how in GWTW I was thinking "THEY ALL WANT THIS GUY?"! lol
And preferences are individual, so you can't really agree or disagree with them- but we sure can compare lists. ;)

Anonymous said...

Fonda no fire in the belly? Obviously you haven't seen Once Upon A Time In The West.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally about Leslie Howard. I loved him in Gone With The Wind much more than Clark Gable. He was amazing...

Nana said...

I especially agree with your last choice, "95% of modern actors".

Tim Thornton said...

Well, at least you made it a SHORT list, lol!

Anonymous said...

I agree with James Dean, but not Monty Clift. Monty was brilliant and criminally underrated. He was much better than the very overrated Marlon Brando (even Brando himself would agree).
I feel some people don't care for his (Monty's) style of acting because it was almost TOO natural and understated. I feel his work is the type you would need to give a second viewing to truly appreciate it.
There's a reason a lot of today's actors (Daniel Day-Lewis; Robert De Niro; Clint Eastwood; just to name a few) admire him and his work. But oh well to each his own.

briviba-41 said...

Very good list. Exept Harrison.


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