Favorite Actresses

Eve Arden
An awesome broad; the perpetual best friend or "Girl Friday";  good in everything I've seen her in.  My favorite films of hers: Mildred Pierce and Advise and Consent.  Love her on the radio, too.  She'll always be Connie Brooks to me.

Ann Blyth
Gorgeous, gorgeous voice, great actress, and still with us.  Glorious in musicals and fantastic as uber-bitch Veda in Mildred Pierce.  

Jeanne Crain
Vulnerably delightful in everything I've seen her in.  My favorite films of hers: Vicki, Dangerous Crossing, and A Letter to Three Wives.

Joan Crawford
Amazing actress.  Icon.  I wish she didn't have the "Mommy Dearest" image she does now, for her accomplishments, drive, beauty, and character were so much more than that.  My favorite Joan films:  Basically everything - even the cheesy horror films at the end.  If I had to pick, these are the highlights: Mildred Pierce, Autumn Leaves, Harriet Craig, When Ladies Meet, The Women, and Susan and God.

Yvonne DeCarlo
Stunningly beautiful and a good actress.  While I enjoy her as the iconic sweet vampire housewife Lily Munster, she was a great actress, too.  My favorite Yvonne films:  The Ten Commandments and Band of Angels.

Glenda Farrell
Funny in everything.  A great gal pal and "Girl Friday".  Fabulous in the Torchy Blane series and We're in the Money.

Alice Faye
Simply love her in all of her films.  I love her more as herself in her 1950s radio program The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show.  Beautiful, funny, amazing singing voice, one of my favorites.

Joan Fontaine
Love her in all of her films, but her vulnerability in Rebecca was touching and endearing to me.

Paulette Goddard
Beauty and spunk make her a must on my list.  My favorite Paulette films:  The Women, The Ghost Breakers, and Nothing But the Truth.

Betty Grable

Jean Harlow
Funny, vulnerable, gorgeous, amazing, and lost way too soon.  Harlow is a gem on screen and we were blessed to have even the small number of films she left us.  My favorites include:  Libeled Lady, Wife vs. Secretary, and Red Dust.

Ann Harding

Rita Hayworth

Myrna Loy

Agnes Moorehead
Agnes was an amazing actress.  Another I feel is sadly remembered only for her t.v. work.  While she was great in films like Dark Passage, radio is where she really shined.  I challenge anyone to listen to one of her portrayals of "Sorry Wrong Number" on Suspense and not get the chills.  The first time I heard it, I cried.  The power, emotion, and energy she puts in a performance is breathtaking.

Jean Peters

Jane Powell

Ginger Rogers

Norma Shearer

Ann Sheridan

Ann Sothern
Barbara Stanwyck

Esther Williams
A delightful bathing beauty, I adore her swimming films.  They are just pure pleasure.  I can watch them over and over.  They just make me happy.


Anonymous said...

Just curious - how do you feel about Barbara Stanwyke or Ida Lapino?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Irene Dunne was not on this list. She was so talented and was a wonderful dramatic actress, classical singer, wonderful comic. All that said she was a LADY always. Not only the movies she made but in her personal life as well. A devote Catholic she was married to Dr. Francis Griffin for 37 years. She was the pride of the movies


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