Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Water Cooler Wonders

Sorry for the lateness of the post, but I am bestowing my Water Cooler Wonders award on my fav blogs (in alphabetical order):

Allure http://operator_99.blogspot.com/

Beauty is a Thing of the Past http://beautyisathingofthepast.blogspot.com/

Chronically Vintage http://www.chronicallyvintage.com/

Curve-Hugger http://curvehugger.blogspot.com/

Dear Old Hollywood http://dearoldhollywood.blogspot.com/

Destination 1940 http://destination1940.blogspot.com/

50s Times http://my50syear.blogspot.com/

Give Me the Good Old Days http://www.elbrendel.com/

Glamour Daze http://glamourdaze.blogspot.com/

Glamoursplash http://www.glamoursplash.com/

Hollywood Dreamland http://hollywooddreamland.blogspot.com/

Hollywood Heyday http://hollywoodheyday.blogspot.com/

It'll Take the Snap Out of Your Garters http://snapped-garters.blogspot.com/

LaPetiteMort http://lapetitemort73.blogspot.com/

Letters From the Home-Front http://lettersfromhomefront.blogspot.com/

Little Grey Bungalow http://littlegreybungalow.blogspot.com/

Miss Matilda http://missmatildadreams.blogspot.com/

The Mysterious Life of the Metropolitan Housewife http://living-vintage.blogspot.com/

Our Vintage Life http://ourvintagelife.blogspot.com/

Retro Ways http://retroways.blogspot.com/

Shapely Weight from 1958 http://shapelyweightfrom1958.blogspot.com/

Vixen Vintage http://vixenvintage.blogspot.com/

Wearing Vintage http://wearinghistory.blogspot.com/

What I Found http://what-i-found.blogspot.com/

If I forgot anyone, I am soooo sorry. Believe me, this list could go on forever. I couldn't whittle the list down anymore and I could have added at least 20 others. You are all fabulous!


The Glamorous Housewife said...

Excellent choices! I had most of them on my blog roll, but there were a few I had not seen before and added to my list. Thanks for the introduction.

Cajun Girl Living In The Mountains said...

Wow! Thank you!

Love your vintage inspirations =)
Now, I can peruse more blogs too.

Witchcrafted Life said...

You are so sweet, thank you deeply for the awesome award! I'm really touched.

Thank you!!!!!

Tons of hugs,
♥ Jessica

Ricki said...

Thanks for the award and giving me new blogs to should check out. I love your blog. I'm feeling inspired already.

BaronessVonVintage said...

Oh my goodness, I'm just so flattered and thrilled. Thanks!!!


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