Monday, July 26, 2010

Who am I? - A Monday Quiz

Can anyone guess this who this fabulous actress is?

"I was born May 16, 1911, and my parents were not vaudeville performers and I did not see the world through the keyhole of a trunk. My native city is Norfolk, Virginia, but I began my theatrical career in Boston, where I suppose I ate beans occasionally like all good Bostonians. While in Boston, I met a chap who was with a rival stock company and later married him. He's doing all right in pictures now, too, but we were divorced less than a year after the wedding."

"Determined on a theatrical career, I appeared in a couple of terrific flops but the critics said I was okay. So I didn't eat an arsenic salad to end it all. While playing in the stage version of Dinner at Eight, a Universal scout saw me and I landed my first movie role in Only Yesterday. Later I married the director of another picture I was in, but we parted in 1936 and I'm now married to an agent. I am five feet 2 1/2 inches tall, weigh 108 pounds and have never hunted antelopes in Patagonia."

"Who am I?" Hint - This is from 1941


Sophie said...

Is it Margaret Sullivan? If so, I'm almost certain I read she was born in 1909, not 1911.

Amanda said...

It is Margaret Sullavan. The post was from a vintage magazine, so all the info might not be correct. Her people probably wanted Margaret to be younger, too :)

Sophie said...

Ooh, I feel clever! Hahaha, yeah the figures! I love how Lucille Ball made herself 3 years younger and Desi 3 years older so that there wouldn't be an age gap :') I never trust actresses born before the 20s DofB!

Anyway, thanks for the wonderful post! :)

Amanda said...


Totally forgot about the Luci/Dezi thing. Does not surprise me at all!


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