Friday, July 20, 2012

Sleeping Don'ts with Sophia

Sophia Loren in Bed; 1957

Before You Go to Sleep Part 1 - Don't . . . 
[Source: Good Housekeeping; 1940]

  • Don't pay your bills just before going to bed
  • Don't rehearse the day's cares after lying down
  • Don't eat anything late at night that is hard to digest
  • Don't listen in the last news broadcast if you're a worrier
  • Don't wear nightgowns of pajamas that bind
  • Don't sleep facing light from window or reflected in mirror
  • Don't sleep in a draught, but have plenty of cool, fresh air
  • Don't weigh yourself down with too-heavy bedding
  • Don't suffer from cold feet; get a hot-water bag
  • Don't read with too little light or one that glares
  • Don't choose a depressing or too-stimulating story
  • Don't have an alarm clock that wakes you with a start

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