Friday, July 6, 2012

Is Gregory Dodging the Taxman?

Gregory, wife Greta, and Children

For some reason, those European made pictures just don’t seem to come off as well in America as the Hollywood-made ones.  Maybe it’s due to the terrific publicity and promotion Hollywood gives the films.  And absence does not make the heart grow fonder with the American movie-going public.  Alan Ladd, after eighteen months in Europe, is having to get a new grip on his fans; so is Kirk Douglas.  And Gregory Peck is beginning to seem like a stranger in American theatres.  

Moby Dick Press Tour

Ironically, Greg told us he thought it unwise for an actor to stay abroad eighteen months just to escape the income tax.  To keep busy he’d likely have to accept inferior pictures, and his career would suffer in the long run.  Then, going against that judgement, Greg took the leap himself.  Now he may wind up paying taxes to both England the the United States, as “Moby Dick”, which is being shot in Britain, is running over schedule.  “Moby Dick” can be the most exciting picture of all time – or the most resounding flop.  John Huston, forever experimenting, is handling the film as Herman Melville wrote the book – as an allegory.  We can recall no successful transformation of allegory to the screen.  So Greg is really taking a chance.  

[Souce: Movieland; February 1955]

Gregory Battles the Whale

I have yet to see Moby Dick, even though I'm told Gregory's performance is wonderful.  I just did not enjoy the book at all, so the thought of seeing the film is not that appealing.  Is it anyone's favorite film?

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Irishnana said...

Not my favorite film (or book), but I greatly admire Gregory Peck as an actor, humanitarian, and a man. I'd watch anything with him in it (at least once), and most films are better if he's in it. But I prefer him in To Kill a Mockingbird, Roman Holiday, Gentleman's Agreement, The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit, Designing Woman (all of which I've seen many times) and many other movies ahead of Moby Dick


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