Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Visit to Deanna Durbin's House - Part 1

Welcome to Deanna Durbin's House!
The View from the Exterior is Lovely

Deanna Humbly Welcomes You

Lovely Stonework

Gorgeous Archways

Embracing Statues

Fun Place to Exercise


Cute Pool House

Large Pool

Great for Swimming Laps . . . 

Or Just Playing

Dive Into Adventure with the Lovely Deanna Durbin!


miss vintage love said...

I love her pants and sweater! What a doll!

Laura said...

What wonderful photos! I've never seen them before. Thanks so much for sharing!

Best wishes,

Tom said...

Great photos. Deanna looks like she's texting in that third one from the top. I wonder who lives in that home today.

KC said...

That's an amazing swing! I remember they used to be that way at the park. I miss them.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful series of photographs of our beloved Deanna. But forgive my pointing out that the 'pool house' appears to me to be the so-called bungalow that was built for her at Universal Studios, so it doesn't really belong in this sequence. Perhaps Life made a mistake.
George Timcke, England

Unknown said...

House still looks the same - wanna see it - follow gardeners in - gated!

jim m said...

I grew up in the house at 5226 in the 60's. No pool house. It's interior was gutted and modernized about 1980. The photo "Lovely stonework" were windows that looked into the pool accessed from the garden grotto on the terrace below.

A said...

I'm totally jealous of "unknown". That must have been amazing. I hate to hear it was gutted and modernized. That seems to happen everywhere unfortunately. The original vision and setup is almost always better in my eyes. But then I don't like much post 1960's architecture and home interior design.


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