Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cooper On the Mend

A Farewell to Arms

"Gary Cooper won't have to go to Arizona for his health.  He has been ailing, but his early recovery was anticipated, at latest reports.  Diagnosis of his trouble was given as jaundice, rather than anything more serious.

Cooper and Hayes

Gary has much to look forward to in his professional life right now.  Paramount has bought Farewell to Arms for him, which is considered a stunning story acquisition.  Eleanor Boardman, signed a five-year contract by Paramount, is likely to play opposite him."

[Source: Picture Play; July 1931]

Eleanor Boardman

Unfortunately for Eleanor, Helen Hayes would play the lead opposite Cooper.  The film would be released December 8, 1932.  Eleanor accidentally became an actress.  She was "discovered" after she lost her voice. Active from 1922 until 1935, she is best known for her role in The Crowd.


Witchcrafted Life said...

Poor Gary, though (of course) I have no memory of it, like many babies, I developed jaundice shortly after I was a born, so it's neat to know that I share having had a bout with that condition in common with this stellar classic Hollywood actor.

Many thanks for your recent blog comments, dear Amanda, you're such a sweet, wonderful blogging friend.

♥ Jessica

A said...

Thanks Jessica! I've never had jaundice myself, but I can't believe it would be pleasant - especially as an adult, when you can remember.


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