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Ursula and Bob have a Cozy Christmas

Ursula Thiess

Ursula Reading a Script

Is hoping to get her eight-year-old son here from Germany by Christmas so he can join her. Bob Taylor, and his sister for the holidays.  The boy’s travel was held up by an appendectomy.  It’ll be curious to see Bob with two children on his hands and living in a new house of his own.  He was never very much of a family man even when married to Barbara Stanwyck.

[Source: Movieland; February 1955]

Ursula Thiess

Ursula Thiess was born Ursula Schmidt May 15, 1924 in Hamburg, Germany.  She was urged to come to America to be an actress by Howard Hughes.  Who didn't this guy discover?  Ursula was signed to RKO and billed as "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" and made a mere 5 films before semi-retiring to become a full-time mother.  

Ursula and husband, Robert Taylor

Ursula Thiess and Robert Taylor were married May 24, 1954 until Taylor's death on June 8, 1969.  Taylor had been divorced from Barbara Stanwyck since February 25, 1952.  Thiess and Taylor had two children together, Tessa and Terrance.  Ursula had two children from a previous marriage, Manuela and Michael (the 8-year-old mentioned above).  Sadly, Michael would spend a year in jail for trying to poison his father and subsequently committed suicide in 1969 at age 24.  

Taylor and Thiess

Ursula would occasionally make television appearances until she fully retired in 1972.  Surviving a benign brain tumor and another husband, she would spend her days taking care of her children, volunteering at a children's hospital, and becoming known for her excellent home decorating and cooking skills.  Ursula Thiess passed away at age 86 on June 19, 2010.

Ursula Looking Lovely

Frankly, I find Thiess quite lovely.  I have not seen any of her films (Bandido, The Americano, Bengal Brigade, The Iron Glove, Monsoon) so I do not know if she is a good actress.  From photos though, she definitely has a certain something.  No wonder she was voted "Most Promising Star of 1952" by Modern Screen Magazine (along with Marilyn Monroe) and the Golden Globe Golden Key Award in 1952.  It's funny how much we know about Marilyn, and so little we know about Ursula.  Maybe it's about time she was rediscovered.

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Witchcrafted Life said...

Hi dear Amanda, first off, let me just begin by saying how pretty your blog looks these days. The revamping is really charming, and of course I adore the fact that you opted for my favourite colour (pink!).

I agree, these images are lovely, as was Ursula herself. I think that I might have seen the Iron Glove years upon years ago, but can't picture it too well, so I'd certainly watch it again.

Thank you very much for your comment on my Return of Silence post. That must have been so, so nerve wracking for you guys to live so close to a noisy car manufacturing plant. I'm very glad that you no longer have to and hope that your neighbourhood today is significantly more serene (and quiet!).

Wishing you a beautiful, relaxing Friday,
♥ Jessica


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