Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jane Gets Stopped on her Way to Her Wedding

Jane Powell

Pat Nerney and Jane Powell

And Pat Nerney, after waiting all this while, got stopped by a cop for speeding on the way to their wedding in Ojai.  Pat explained the situation.  The cop wished them lots of luck and handed them a ticket anyhow. Jane had an interchangeable wardrobe made for her European honeymoon; so she could get all her fine feathers in two suit cases, an overnight bag, and a hat box.

[Source: Movieland; February 1955]

Pat Nerney and Jane Powell

Jane Powell and Pat Nerney were married from November 8, 1954 until 1963.  

Pat Nerney and Jane Powell

Jane has been married 5 times, currently to former child star Dickie Moore.  I find Jane's films simply delightful and it is too bad that classic movie musicals went out of style and we have been deprived of this wonderful star on screen.

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