Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jennifer Jones Redeems Herself

Jennifer Jones as Nicole Driver

I have to say that when someone redeems themselves in my eyes, I have to admit when I'm wrong.  Jones is on my Least Favorite Actresses list, and she did a fantastic job in this film.  I finally watched Tender is the Night (1962), based on the book by one of my favorite authors, F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Jennifer Jones plays, Nicole Driver, a rich mental patient whom Dr. Dick Driver, played by Jason Robards, cured and then marries.

Jason Robards and Jennifer Jones

Jones played the role to perfection.  Robards was admirable as well.  The film is mature and thought-provoking, if not for the bright colors one might almost think it depressing.  But that's a Fitzgerald story.  If only it didn't have Tom Ewell in it.  Could someone please describe the appeal of him to me?

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