Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fred Astaire Stops Dancing

Fred Astaire
Since the tragic death of his wife, is resuming his career full-time to keep his mind busy. Their’s was a true love affair! Next to his home life, dancing and race horses are his chief interests. Fred, worth a mint, decided to retire once, but got so busy with hobbies and outside demands that he had to return to the screen to get a rest.
(Source: Movieland; February 1955)

Fred Astaire and Phyllis Livingston Potter were married from 1933 until her death from lung cancer at age 46 in 1954. They had two children together, Fred Jr and Ava. When Phyllis passed, Fred did not even want to finish the film he was working on, Daddy Long Legs, and offered to pay the production costs to back out, but was persuaded to stay. Fred would stay single until 1980 when he married jockey Robyn Smith, 45 years his junior. On a side note, Fred mostly retired from dancing after his wife passed.

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