Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weird Wednesday Hair Torture

A little girl from 1938 getting a perm. I have no idea how she sat still for this procedure.
This pic shows our Vintage Inspiration from yesterday, Joan Blondell, enjoying her permanent. These permanents were done by sectioning hair into about 20+ sections and winding hair starting at the root, and winding it up the curler. Heat was applied and thus the curls. Staring in the 1930s, chemicals were used to seal the curl, gradually discontinuing these fun devices. I'm not sure what's worse for your hair - tons of heat or harsh chemicals . . .


Cajun Girl Living In The Mountains said...

It just seems so torturous and sci-fi. I don't think that I could go to that extent either.


Anonymous said...

Hairendous!...I have naturally thick curly hair so I dont think I would have had any use for this contraption.

Witchcrafted Life said...

Stick straight hair sisters of the world unite!!! I too fall into this camp (plus mine is insanely fine and there isn't much of it *sigh*...I swear I'm just going to buy a wig one of these days and stop stressing over my locks ;D), so I can completely relate!!!

Big hugs, darling gal!
♥ Jessica


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