Friday, February 3, 2012

Martine Carol Shocks the Censors

Martine Carol as Lola Montez

Martine Carol, whose nude movie scenes have stirred censors' ire, is now playing the role of Lola Montez in a film story of the torrid romance between the dancer and Bavaria's King Ludwig I.  It is her last role in Europe before moving on to Hollywood productions.

[Source: People Today; June 29, 1955]

Martine Carol as Lola Montez

Martine Carol (16 May 1920 – 6 February 1967) was a French film actress who reached the height of her fame in the early 1950s.  At the time, her fame eclipsed that of Bridget Bardot.  She had a troubled personal life including 4 marriages, drug addiction, and failed suicide attempts (including throwing herself into the Seine river in Paris).  She died at age 46 of cardiac arrest in Monaco.  Another interesting footnote is her grave was robbed, the thieves thinking she was buried with jewels.  Currently she lies undisturbed in Cannes.

Martine Carol as Lola Montez

Lola Montez  (17 February 1821 – 17 January 1861) was a dancer, courtesan, and mistress of Ludwig I of Bavaria.  Ludwig made her Countess of Landsfeld.  During the German revolution of 1848, she fled to the United States and became a lecturer and entertainer.

Lola Montez

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briviba-41 said...

She was wonderful in "Nathalie" (1957).


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