Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to Look Well in Clothes - For Stout Women

How to Look Well in Clothes - For Stout Women
From the advice of New York designer Edwina Patterson

No belts on coats

Dominant colors should be:


Neutral Shades

Flat fur coats ( like broadtail -  'the wavy, moirélike fur or pelt of a young or stillborn Karakul lamb'.[Source:] )
Broadtail fur from the 1940s

No doll or pillbox hats.

*Bummer, because I love pillbox hats.  I didn't realize they were so popular in the 1940s.  When I think pillbox hat, I think Jackie O

Jackie O. Impersonators 1961

Wear off-side berets

Susan Peters 1943

Wear medium-size off to the side hats

Zasu Pitts, Paula Laurence & Celeste Holm

No peplums or tiered rulles, dirndl skirts, wide belts, and unpressed pleats

*Basically anything that adds volume

[Source:   Quick Steps to Beauty and Charm.  Dorothy Cocks.  White's Book Company.  Westfield, Massachusetts.  1948.]

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