Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vintage Book of the Week - Sudden Fear


Vintage Book of the Week - Sudden Fear by Edna Sherry

Stunner of a pulp! Myra is a famous, middle-aged, rich, bored playwright. One day she saves a woman from drowning. To gain inspiration for her next play, Myra brings the girl to her home where Myra lives with her young husband. Naturally Myra's 'philanthropy' goes awry when she plays her tape recorder. On it, Myra hears her 'beloved husband' and 'guest' Irma plotting Myra's murder. A race against time of whom will murder whom first. Loved it from start to finish. Definitely kept me guessing as to what the truth was and who would get murdered first.

It's no wonder this book was turned into a film.  The 1952 stars the fabulous Joan Crawford, Jack Palance, and Gloria Grahame.  I can definitely see Joan Crawford in the role of Myra.  I haven't seen the film yet, but hope to if it gets cheaper.  It was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actress (Joan Crawford), Best Supporting Actor (Jack Palance), Best Cinematography (Black and White), and Best Costume Design (Black and White).

On a side note, the book mentioned Schiaperelli clothing about 100 times.  I'm not sure if she paid them or if the author is obsessed with them, but here are a couple gorgeous gowns from Schiaperelli.

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