Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sterling Hayden is a bachelor . . . again

Sterling Hayden, his wife Betty Ann de Noon, and daughter Gretchen Bell in happier times (November 31, 1950)

Sterling Hayden
Has his divorce out and will soon be on the eligible bachelor list again. Since he’s probably made more pictures than any other male star the past two years, he’ll also be taking a vacation from the studios – as well as marriage – until he gets a rest.

(Source: Movieland; 1955)

Apparently "The Most Beautiful Man in the Movies" (as Paramount billed him) would not be a bachelor for long. This Movieland tidbit must have been written between marriages to Betty Ann. Sterling Hayden and Betty Ann de Noon seemed to have a love hate relationship. They were married and divorced three times: from 1947-1953, 1954-1955, and 1956-1958. They had 4 children together: Christian, Dana, Gretchen, and Matthew. Sterling Hayden was also married to actress Madeleine Carroll (from 1942-1946) and Catherine Devine McConnell (from 1960-1986; they had 2 children). Sterling appeared in some pretty great pictures like The Godfather, but my favorite Sterling performances were in Dr. Strangelove and The Asphalt Jungle.

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