Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RIP Jane Russell

RIP to one of the greats, Jane Russell. What a sweet, strong, classy, fabulous lady. No one out there like her, and never will be.

Jane, her 4 brothers, and their broods in 1954


Witchcrafted Life said...

Hi hon,

I've long loved Jane, and always will. She was bold, sophisticated, confident, stunningly beautiful, and deeply talented.

I've been thinking about her passing all day, reflecting not only on her own amazing life, but also about the fact that (truly sadly) it really won't be all that many more years until there are non of the greats of Jane's era left at all with us here on earth.

Wishing you a lovely Tuesday,

Cajun Girl Living In The Mountains said...

How sad indeed. An amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

my first memory of jane is her bra commercials (70's?); being "bosomy" it gave me a lot of confidence (so what if my bras had an extra hook!!) loved her!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Jane was the real deal. She was my second cousin, and her brother Jamie to her immediate right was best man at my wedding. Thought you might enjoy this: There is a famous Norman Rockwell painting of a depressed teenage girl looking sadly into a mirror and having a magazine in her lap with Jane pictured. Always wondered what "Aunt Jane" thought of the pic and got to hear it first hand; "That poor girl..." Classic Jane comment...


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