Saturday, August 1, 2009

Favorite Foods of Famous Stars 3 Another Meal from Adrienne Ames

Apparently Adrienne Ames was either the biggest star at the time or she just had a lot of meals to share (if they really gave their own recipes), because she is one of the few stars to have more than 1 page in this 1934 book. So enjoy more of Adrienne's dishes and some fun facts about her (click on the picture to read the recipes)

She was a stand-in for Pola Negri

Adrienne studied Literature at Columbia University

She was offered a contract by Paramount in 1931 - without a screen test!

In 1936, she had a pet penguin

And last but not least in 1933 she "Invites anyone in sight of her home for a popcorn orgy" ( Sounds exciting ;)


Cajun Girl Living In The Mountains said...

She is so beautiful!
I don't know about some of those recipes though, lol.


Miss Matilda said...

Nom Nom rollator cookies sound fab!

Kirsty said...

What an interesting post! :)The fact she had a penguin is so cute! :)


Witchcrafted Life said...

Very cool post, it's always so much fun to read about the favourite foods of old school Hollywood stars.

Have a beautiful Sunday, Amanda sweetie!
♥ Jessica

hungeryjack said...

Nice post - Adrienne Ames ..Keep Posting

Adrienne Ames


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