Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What 100 Stars Want in 1956 - Pier Angeli and Vic Damone

Pier Angeli (June 19, 1932 - September 10, 1971) and Vic Damone (born June 12, 1928 and still with us) were married from November 24, 1954 to December 18, 1958. They had 1 child together, but according to Pier it was a loveless marriage on her side. She was madly in love with that rebel James Dean, but her family disapproved. So much so, that in fact Pier's mother arranged her marriage to Vic Damone. Regardless of the fact, they did have some wishes together in 1956. They were:

  1. "We're together and in love and happy, so our wishes are the same. Personally, we'd like the joy of teaching our son his first nursery rhyme." - Very cute about the son learning the rhyme, but I'm skeptical about the love thing - especially since they would become divorced soon afterwards.
  2. "Professionally, we'd like to star together in a picture. That is our dearest dream for it would mean that we would be together so much more than we can be now." - As far as I can tell, this did not happen. Please correct me if it did.
  3. "Neither of us wants to sound trite, but we want peace everywhere." - The logical Miss America sounding wish, but a good one none the less.

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