Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Red Head Beauty Skin Care

Ruth Murin, who wrote a monthly beauty column in Good Housekeeping, addresses Redheaded beauties this month. She acknowledges, that most of the time us poor redheads are ignored in favor of blonds and brunettes, so Murrin attempts to remedy this.

Because Redhead's skin is so fair, it "coarsens readily, wrinkles early, and freckles with maddening ease". A Redhead's skin needs at least one good cleaning a day with soap and water to keep it fresh and clear. Use a Bland cream at other times or even an Oatmeal mask that is neutral for sensitive skin. Use a great lubricating cream and night and be sure to protect your face from sun, wind, and cold weather.

No sunbathing! "You must shield your face and cover up your back and arms if you want to save them from permanent freckles." Be sure to protect your skin at all costs in order to maintain as ideal skin as possible.

"Whether your hair is red-gold, sand, brick, copper, or carrot, it is important for you to see red - really see it and recognize it as orange or a true red or one with a note of blue. If you don't know the difference between geranium and rose, vermilion and carmine, you probably will go haywire when you choose your lipstick and clothes."

Tomorrow's Lesson - Lipstick and Makeup for Redheads


Witchcrafted Life said...

Thoroughly wonderful post, sweetie! It's so true, redheads are often all but forgotten in the beauty world, thank you for highlighting these classic tips - I'm definitely going to include this post in my next edition of the Pretty Link Roundup :)

Wishing you a gorgeous Thursday - big hugs,
♥ Jessica

Tracey said...

I love being red!! But your right.. the wrong color and YUCK!! Great post and thanks for the tips on staying in the red!

Lidian said...

I love reading your posts so much! And the pics are gorgeous, too.


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