Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Married a Woman (1956)

I Married a Woman (1956) - George Gobel (Marshall "Mickey" Briggs), Diana Dors (Janice Blake Briggs), Adolphe Menjou (Frederick W. Sutton), Jessie Royce Landis (Mrs. Blake).  I've always read about how funny and popular George Gobel was in the 1950's.  Having never seen anything he was in, I never really understood.  

Once I saw this film, I immediately understood Gobel's appeal.  George plays Marshall "Mickey" Briggs, an ad executive from Sutton Advertising charged with coming up with a new ad campaign for Luxumberg Beer in two days.  In addition to speed, it must be family friendly.  The increased work time causes problems in his marriage to former Miss Luxumberg Janice, played by the lovely Diana Dors.

I simply loved the acting in this film.  Everyone seemed perfect for their roles.  Gobel as the frustrated, lovable husband.  Dors, my blond bombshell of choice, as his neglected wife Janice.  Landis as the ever suffering mother in law.  And the delightful Adolphe Menjou as the scheming, yet sort of realistic, boss.

What was odd about the film was the mini John Wayne film within a film.  At one point Mickey and his wife go to a John Wayne film.  She thinks he treats his ladies with diamonds and fancy trips, so Janice gets the idea that she isn't being treated fairly.  It's also similar to the fashion show segment in The Women (1939) in the sense that the fake John Wayne film is in color, while the rest of the film is black and white.  This part was definitely unnecessary.  The film would have been fine without it.  I'm not sure if Wayne needed a paycheck or if executives needed a bigger star somehow involved in the film.

I found the film absolutely delightful.  Funny, well acted, good dialogue, I loved it.  Oh why won't someone put this gem on DVD?

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I love Dors!


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