Saturday, December 29, 2012

Artifact of the Day - WWI Red Cross Sewing Kit

WWI Red Cross Sewing Kit

A soldier's 'housewife' sewing kit for repairing cloth items in the field. The kit contains two strips of miniature American flags in addition to safety pins and cloth patches. It ties closed with cloth tape

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WWI Red Cross Sewing Kit

What a patriotic way to do a little mending.  It almost inspires me to finish my mending!  (Almost, but not quite).  I think it's so cool that something like this survived.  I imagine there was a lot of time between fighting, and not much to do, so a little mending certainly could be something to keep one busy.  I find it fascinating that there is hardly any brown cloth, and more than enough American Flags.  Armies today seems more concerned with camouflage, than country designation.  

Christmas Truce; 1914

During Christmas, when I think WWI, I always think of that magic Christmas where some laid down their arms and celebrated together.  If only we could have such a Christmas Truce today.  It's one of the reasons I love history, and it truly was humanity at its best.

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