Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Film Review - Impact

Impact (1949) stars Brian Donlevy, Ella Raines, Charles Coburn, Helen Walker, and Anna May Wong.  Donlevy's character, Walter Williams, is told by his wife, played by Helen Walker to pick up an alleged relative and give them a lift.  Unfortunately for Williams, the man is not a relative, but his wife's lover who attempts to kill him.


The lover is killed instead, but everyone thinks Williams is the dead one.  Donlevy's character basically starts a new life - allowing everyone to think he's dead.  His wife is charged with his murder, he feels guilty, comes forward, and is then charged with the lover's murder.

Impact Lobby Card

Generally a good noir.  Donlevy was amazing and definitely carried the film.  There was twist after twist, so I think it could have had several different endings.  Ella Raines, as the love interest, wasn't that great.  I'm not sure why she gets such good press in the old mags I read.  She was decent, but I can imagine a lot of different actresses in that role.  Coburn was good as the detective and Helen Walker was great as the wife.  It was also cool to see a film with Anna May Wong in it.  I've seen stunning photos of her, but had yet to see her act.  She did a good job in this film.  Would probably have been a forgettable film without the amazing acting of Brian Donlevy.  Frankly, I have yet to see a film where Donlevy isn't amazing.

Flapper Scale - 7 out of 10 Bobs
Famous Line - "Impact, the force with which two lives come together. Sometimes for good, sometimes for evil." - Opening Lines of the Film - Narration.

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