Friday, March 16, 2012

Mercury Theater Wonder Show Starring Orson Welles - Part 10

Step Right Up and See 
The Amazing Mercury Wonder Show!

[Source: Life Magazine; August 1943]

And the Grand Finale!

Lovely Rita Locked in a Box

And She Escaped by Magic!

I hope you enjoyed the Magic of Orson and his pals.  Must have been a fun show in person.  


Ithankyou said...

Hi - off topic but I've just sent you a shiny 7x7 Link Award.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

I am very interested in the specifics of the Mercury Wonder Show and I'm fascinated by the photographs on your blog. As you know, the show took place in August 1943. Your reference states Life Magazine for August 1945. I've looked though all issues for both August 1943 and August 1945 without finding any reference to the Mercury Wonder Show.

Perhaps your photographs were taken by Life photographers for an article that was never punished.

I'd appreciate any information you could give me on the source of your photographs particularly if there was any text provided.

I'd be glad to provide my email address if you would prefer to respond in private.

Thanks in advance,


A said...

I'm not sure how to get back to you, but I found the photographs in the Google Life photo archive. I looked for the actual article myself, with no luck. I haven't had much luck finding an article in Life about this, but hope to one day. I'm not sure if an article was even written about the event.

I found these images while searching the Life photo archive for Rita Hayworth pictures. Here is the link to one of them:
If you look on the right at the related images Life provides, you can see many of the photos from the Wonder Show. I hope that helps.

And thank you for correcting me on the date. It should be 1943.


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