Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weird Wednesday - Pencil Radio

This seems like something that would be useful for a spy or someone not wanting to get caught listening to a game during a meeting.

Irene Hervey

For a very thorough biography of Irene Hervey, read this wonderful post on Ann Lauren

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Witchcrafted Life said...

You're blog is always so enjoyable, Amanda, and this post is no exception. I rather like the connect behind a pencil radio, and think that it is a way it way really ahead of its time (just of think of how immensely compact items such as MP3 players and phones have gotten today).

Thank you very much for your wonderfully sweet Easter wishes. I'm with you 100% in that few people make an effort to dress up for Easter any more. I always relish that chance to put on an extra special/fancy dress and hat, so I definitely still dress to the nines for this important spring holiday, no matter if anyone else is doing the same or not, too.

Wishing you a serene, beautiful Monday & week ahead, my friend,

♥ Jessica


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