Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Alice Faye and Tyrone Power

Alexander's Ragtime Band; 1938

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite stars of all time:  Alice Faye (5 May 1915 - 9 May 1998) and  Tyrone Power (5 May 1914 - 15 November 1958).

Alice Faye; Phil Harris; 1949

I adore Alice in everything, but my favorite Alice performance is as herself on her radio show The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show.  I have a dress that is allegedly Alice's (it says A. Faye in it from Western Costume) but I have yet to find a photo or film of a dress even close to what I have.  I'm tempted to think it's not really hers. 

Tyrone Power; Marlene Dietrich; Witness for the Prosecution; 1957

And who doesn't adore Tyrone Power?  Handsome as all get out, and a fantastic actor.  My favorite performance of his happens to be his last on screen performance in Witness for the Prosecution with the fabulous Marlene Dietrich.  He played the character so that he was both incredibly lovable - and incredibly evil at the same time.  I've always marveled at how you can love and hate someone at the same time.  And what a twist!  I definitely recommend the film to anyone who hasn't seen it.

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