Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nuggets of Note October 23-30, 2012

Some fun how-to Halloween costumes from the Smithsonian blog - everything from Dorothy Gale to George Washington's statue.

Mental Floss shares some Halloween candy trivia, the haunted history of 7 american landmarks, Ben Franklin's 200 synonyms for drunk, 19 amazing facts from items at Toys R Us, 23 facts from a grocery store, some creepy seance pictures, 19 facts about childrens books at the library,

My love of history and language was piqued by this intriguing Mental Floss post about 7 ancient languages that have yet to be deciphered.  I've never been that good at ciphers, but any unsolved mystery is intriguing.

The Daily Mirror has a fascinating post about Hollywood Heights apartment complexes.

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