Monday, October 15, 2012

Nuggets of Note 2012 October 8 - 14

Nuggets of Note

Great articles I've found this week.  It's the best of the best, to me that is!

Very cool Beistle Rustic Fireplace Witches' Cauldron from one of my favorite sites, Vintage Halloween Collector.

Tuppence Ha'penny looking fabulous in Cherry

Lynn at 19th Century Historical Tidbits has a wonderful series going about Gentlemen's Fancy Dress.  It's like an encyclopedia, and the latest entry is Gentlemen's Fancy Dress Part S.  The entry lists the "uniform" from a schoolboy to a sulton.  Very cool.

Glamour Daze has a great interview with Sharrie Williams, heir to Maybelline Cosmetics.  Who knew cosmetic history could be so fascinating?

Mental Floss, my current website addiction, has a great quiz in honor of Columbus Day:  Are you a Nina, a Pinta, or a Santa Maria.  I'm a Pinta!

Some gorgeous Art Deco architecture railings on Art Deco Buildings

The American Duchess has a great series of articles about her visit to Colonial Williamsburg.  The most recent about a visit to the DeWitt Museum.  The shoes and jewelry are stunning!

Tuppence Ha'penny has a great circa 1948 article about How to Take a Bath

The Art of Manliness, a blog I adore in spite of being a girl, teaches How to Tell Time Like a Soldier.  The blog always has wonderful advice about living a vintage life - man-style, that is.  Not a week goes by when I don't find out something interesting.

Appealing to my goth sensitivities, Los Angeles Morgue Files had a wonderful piece about an unsolved murder case from the forties I have never heard of.  Now I'm craving information on Georgette Bauerdorf.

A gorgeous post about Victorian Microscope Slides.  Who knew they could be so beautiful?

I adore classic animation, so the post on Neatorama about 10 Landmark Moments in Animation History was right up my alley.

Another hilarious take on Classic Children's Books.

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