Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nuggets of Note October 15 - 22, 2012

Mr Bug Goes to Town

Adored Vintage features some fantastic 1940s coat sketches.  It just proves that beauty is timeless.

Tuppence Ha'Penny comes through for me again with a fantastic tutorial.  This time it's on making your own buttonholes

Letterology, one of my new favorite blogs, has a great post about coloring photographs by hand.  There are some great pics that are definitely worth a look.

Letterology again with a great post about some fantastic skeleton calendars by Dr. Louis Crusius.  How could I have never heard of him and his wicked cool illustrations?

What?  Another great post on Letterology?  Of course!  This on the fantastic Edward Gorey.  I have been enchanted by his macabre sense of humor ever since I saw the PBS Mystery intro many years ago.

After seeing some interviews of him, I totally never would have guessed he was Edward Gorey.  It's like seeing the faces of those on the radio.  You have a preconceived notion of what they look like, and the reality is often quite different.  I've found out his house is now a museum, so of course there is another place to add to my wishlist of places to visit.

The American Duchess, another recent favorite, has a great post about starting the life of a costumed adventurer or adventuress

Sew Many Ways has a great tutorial about how to still receive e-mails when you have a Google+ account.

Book Patrol highlights the American Library Association's efforts to get books to soldiers during WWI.

Immortal Ephemera highlights one of my favorite actresses Miriam Hopkins.

Sticking with the theme of scary things, Mental Floss tells of some real historic werewolves.

Fudgett's Budget cartoon

The Old Foodie has a great recipe for pudding variations.

The fabulous Jessica of Chronically Vintage features a sizing guide for vintage gloves.  She writes one of my must-read blogs.

A list of the best Silent Horror Films on Balladeer's Blog.

Some great information on Cartoons On Film about the animation featured this past Sunday night on TCM.  I have to say it was a fantastic night and I couldn't drag myself away from the T.V.  As I've said before, most of today's animation doesn't feel timeless or important or clever and frankly, not even worth viewing.  It's very easy to bodily function jokes, not so easy to make art.

The Farmerette

The American Duchess has a fascinating post about Victorian plastic.  

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