Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Madame Sylvia's Diet Rule

Madame Sylvia's Diet Rules [Source: Hollywood Undressed, 1930s]:

"Dangerous on account of American distribution methods which provide the public with stale eggs. To be used only when they are certified to be not more than 24 hours old. Soft boiled, poached or incorporated in custards."

A - Living in the city, I would have no idea how old my eggs were. Definitely sure they are older than 24 hours.


"With the exception of certain berries which disagree with particular constitutions, all are excellent. However, when there is reason to suspect disorders of the digestive tract, they should be stewed, through no longer than it takes the sugared water to come to a boil."

A - I adore fruit. As a child I was not a fan, but now that I'm older, they are a definite treat. When you don't have much money, like myself, they are one of the few luxuries and are rationed. I only can have a bit with dinner. Fresh berries are my favorite and that box has to last several days. A close second is apples from the orchard. I can't wait for apple season!

Condiments and Sauces

"Always to be suspected, salt fattens. Peppers, mustard, etc. are indigestible. Any sauce which has been fried is vile. Prefer mineral and neutral vegetable oils to olive oil. For vinegar substitute lemon juice. Avoid cocktail sauces with the exception of the plain and pure juices which are erroneously called cocktails."

A - I personally can't stand condiments. I'm a no sauce girl - the drier the better! It's no for me on mustard, mayo, cocktail sauces, salad dressings, white sauces, most sauces, etc. Basically the only sauces I like are ketchup and barbecue sauce. I couldn't do without salt. Total salt addict. I definitely would need cooking oil. Couldn't do without that. I haven't tried cooking with mineral oil. Apparently you can use it and it has no calories, but I guess it's a really good laxative, so I'll stick to my vegetable and olive oil.

Sea Foods

"With the exception of "lean" fish, they are generally to be avoided - especially the crustaceans."

A - Not a huge fan of seafood. Out of the seafood family, I only eat fish like sunnies, walleye, and halibut. No shrimp, crab or lobster (not that I could afford it!_.


"Despite their starch content, they are non-fattening when eaten plain-boiled with melted butter. Helpful in all conditions involving irritation of the digestive tract."

A - Couldn't make it without noodles. Pasta is life giving, cheap, filling, and I have it at least a few times a week. I do eat it with only butter; or with just a bit of olive oil; or just a spoonful of spaghetti sauce. I'm talking about probably only a tablespoonful.

Up next - Sylvia's digestive disorder diets

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