Saturday, June 14, 2014

They Wanted to Marry (1937)

They Wanted to Marry (1937) - Betty Furness (Sheila), Gordon Jones (Jim), E.E. Clive (Styles), Patsy Parsons (Patsy), Henry Kolker (Mr. Hunter).  Gordon Jones plays Jim, a newspaper photographer whose not supposed to take pictures of Shela's dad.  He is the least photographed man and hates photographers.  One day Jim decides to crash a party at his home and naturally, gets in trouble.  But while hiding, he meets the glamorous Sheila, played by Betty Furness.  They fall in love, but the fact Jim is a photographer prohibits him from being able to court Sheila.  
Poor Jim loves his job, but he gives it all up for Sheila and becomes an ad man.  Advertising isn't really his forte, but he does it to keep the peace.  So poor Jim slogs away at a job he hates just so his gal and her father will be happy, and "it" hits the fan.  Sheila decides to visit her man and catches him taking a picture.  That was definitely against their deal.  Naturally, Sheila breaks up with him.  The problem is, Jim was only taking a picture so that Sheila's wouldn't be in the paper against her will.  Oh, the troubles of youth.  I won't give you the ending, but will say it is a romantic comedy, so you may infer what you will about whether Jim and Sheila end up together.

Betty Furness

1930's romantic comedies are so much better than today's romantic comedies.   They are so much smarter and aren't just full of bodily function jokes and sap.  I can't watch most of those released today.  Instead of cheering me up, they make me angry about the waste.

Gordon Jones and Betty Furness

I thought this was a great example of a 1930's romantic comedy.  It has everything you need: a conflict, a couple with a misunderstanding, funny people surround them, and smart dialogue.  7 out of 10.

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