Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beautiful Betty

Betty Blythe; 1920's
Betty Blythe (1 September 1893 - 7 April 1972), was quite the silent film star.  When the talkies came about, she transitioned to a character actress.  With over 160 credits to her name, many not credited, Blythe appears to be another glamorous star which I would love to have seen.

Queen of Sheba; 1917

Betty is best known for The Queen of Sheba (1921), a silent film which is presumed lost as of today's date.  Some stills do survive, and I would love to have seen the film.  I'm curious about the costumes alone.  Blythe had stated in interviews later in life that her 28 costumes would have fit in a shoebox [Source].  It sounds quite risque.  The European version apparently also featured nudity, deemed not acceptable in America.

In 2011 a 17 second section of film was found which many believe is from The Queen of Sheba (above).  Others believe it is from Cleopatra (1917) starring Theda Bara.  I looks more like Betty than Theda to me, but I'm not a film expert.  I hope one day we will find these films.  The clip is amazing, and I wish there was more to see.  The clip below is the only few seconds of Theda Bara's infamous performance in Cleopatra.  Is there anyone alive who has seen these films and could tell us more about them?  Just another reason why I should have been born in a different time.

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