Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ginger's Other Half

A Day in the Life of Ginger Rogers' Kitty Foyle

These photos feature model Carol Lorell in famous Kitty Foyle outfits and poses

I was unable to find any other information about Carol Lorell except she was apparently a well-known working model who continued modeling even after becoming a mother.

[Source: March 25, 1940 Life Magazine]


sports video games said...

Hi ginger,
its really cute and rare pictures... i like it.. please add some more pictures...

Anonymous said...

Carol Lorell was a stage name for Carolyn Helme Leiper, a Philadelphia socialite. Her marriges, first to Gaston de Havenon, and second to Sen. Daniel B. Brewster (D. MD) ended in divorce. She died recently.


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